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The law consists of various legal subjects. Meyer Lawyers has specialised in the following areas for all these years:

Why choose Meyer Lawyers?

There are many other lawyers and law firms. They all do the same. Well, not exactly. It depends on the people. So what makes Meyer Lawyer different so that you want to work with them?.

Personal approach

Meyer Lawyers is a small organisation. Your case will not simply be given to another employee of the organisation. Your case will be handled by the person with whom you had all interactions.


Meyer Advocaten dares to think out of the box and examines or analyses how your case can best be solved or which advice would be most beneficial to you.


Giving up are words that you won't find in the dictionary of Meyers Lawyers. There is always a way to find a solution to the problem. Always.

Our approach

Sometimes, contacting a lawyer is considered as a huge step. None of this is true. See by yourself how we normally proceed.

Our approach
  1. 1
    You ask your question

    Please fill in the contact form and provide as much information as possible so that we can give you a good idea of your situation.

  2. 2
    Your question is evaluated by us

    Based on the information you have provided, we can check if your request can be handled by us or if we need more information

  3. 3
    We give you a call

    Then we will contact you and discuss various options that are possible for your situation. This is also the moment when you decide to go ahead with us and what financial arrangements are made.

  4. 4
    We start working on your case

    Now the real work begins. Specific information or instructions are given, we go to court and deal with the case on the basis of the instructions given.

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More about Meyer Lawyers

Els Meyer graduated from the Free University of Brussels in 2003 with a master's degree in law and subsequently obtained a licence in notarial law.Since 2004, Els has been a lawyer at the Brussels Bar, specialising in the following areas: Family Law, Inheritance Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Road Traffic Law and Liability and Insurance Law.Els has since then gained enough experience and knows best what cases she is excelling.


I have a question
  • Beekstraat 5, 1860 Meise

  • 0473/66.51.32

  • els@advocaatmeyer.be


That is what the different clients of Meyer Lawyers tell about their case handled here.

Tanguy Lesseliers image

Tanguy Lesseliers

All words count. Sometimes one is not aware of the consequences of certain words. By preparing the interrogation together with Meyer lawyers, the interrogation with the police could also take place in a correct way

Erik De Jonge image

Erik De Jonge

Divorce is not an easy matter. It is often said that you have to see a lawyer first to avoid later problems. This did not happen. Thanks to Meyer lawyers, the divorce was handled correctly.

Jules De Vro image

Jules De Vro

You create a company with your best friend. You don't count the hours working together. Then suddenly nothing works anymore. Thanks to the good advice of Meyer Advocats, I did not lose everything with the loss of the company.